Brazil, Argentina sign cooperation agreement on science, technology and innovation

Brazil and Argentina signed on August 4 a cooperation agreement in the areas of technology, science and innovation. The partnership will last for five years and provide support and encouragement to education and research institutions and companies whose work is of mutual interest to the countries. Actions include research projects, researcher exchanges and the organisation of seminars in several areas, such as renewable energy, environment, agroindustry, bioeconomics, health and oceanography.
According to the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation of Brazil, the contract foresees an inter-exchange of researchers, joint support for research projects that can benefit the two nations, creation of integrated laboratories and events, such as lectures, workshops, and symposiums with professionals of two nationalities. There is also a division of information, which helps research that could be already ongoing.
Ministers from the two countries, Gilberto Kassab and Lino Barañao, met to sign the agreement and affirmed that the agreement represents not only scientific links, but also political.
Among the proposals that were already approved is the reactivation of the Brazilian-Argentinian Center of Nanotechnology. Another is the enhancement of the Brazilian-Argentinian Center of Biotechnology, which hires professionals and over 5,000 already trained people that work on research related to the sector.
The partnership will continue in 2018, when Brazil and Argentina renew a cooperation agreement between the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development and the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina. The signature represents the renewal of a partnership that lasts 50 years and supports 500 collaboration projects between the two countries.